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General Pages » Law » Part 91.101(c)

91.101 Aircraft airworthiness

(c) A person may operate an aircraft that does not have a current airworthiness certificate for the purpose of demonstrating the eligibility of the aircraft for the issue, renewal, or reinstatement of an airworthiness certificate if—

  • (1) a type certificate or type acceptance certificate for the aircraft type is in force in accordance with Subpart B of Part 21; and
  • (2) the aircraft complies with the requirements prescribed in rule 21.191; and
  • (3) a person meeting an applicable requirement in rule 43.101(a)(1) to (5) certifies that the aircraft is fit for flight; and
  • (4) the pilot-in-command is the holder of an appropriate, current pilot licence and type rating or a validation permit, issued in accordance with Part 61 for the aircraft; and
  • (5) no other person is carried unless that person performs an essential function in connection with the operation.