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91.405 IFR alternate aerodrome requirement 

(a) A pilot-in-command of an aircraft operating under IFR must list at least 1 alternate aerodrome in the flight plan unless—

  • (1) the aerodrome of intended landing has a standard instrument approach procedure published in the applicable AIP; and
  • (2) at the time of submitting the flight plan, the meteorological forecasts indicate, for at least 1 hour before and 1 hour after the estimated time of arrival at the aerodrome of intended landing, that—
    • (i) the ceiling at the aerodrome will be at least 1000 feet above the minimum published in the applicable AIP for the instrument procedure likely to be used; and
    • (ii) visibility will be at least 5 km, or 2 km more than the minimum published in the applicable AIP, whichever is the greater.