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ATPL » Advanced Aerodynamics … » Performance Factors - Approach and Landing

48.64 Performance factors - approach and landing

48.64.2 Explain the meaning of the following:


(b) VLE

(c) VLO

(d) VFE

(e) VREF

(f) VAPP (Velocity Approach)

(g) VTT/TTS (otherwise known as VAT and VT)

48.64.4 State the relationship between:

(a) configuration and manoeuvring speed

(b) VREF and VS.

48.64.6 Explain the factors which affect an aeroplane's descent performance.

48.64.8 Explain the effect of weight on descent planning.

48.64.10 Calculate the top of descent point to make good a specified height and distance, given a descent profile in nautical miles per 1000 feet.

48.64.12 Explain the factors which affect an aeroplane's approach and landing performance.

48.64.14 Explain the meaning of 'screen height' on landing.

48.64.16 Explain the meaning of:

(a) demonstrated landing distance (DLD)

(b) landing distance required (LDR)

48.64.18 Describe the determination of:

(a) demonstrated landing distance

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