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ATPL » Advanced Aerodynamics … » Performance Factors - Cruise

48.62 Performance factors - cruise

48.62.2 Define design manoeuvring speed (VA).

48.62.4 Explain the derivation of VA.

48.62.6 Explain the effect of weight on VA.

48.62.8 Define turbulence penetration speed (VB).

48.62.10 Explain the derivation of VB.

48.62.12 Explain the meaning of ‘low speed buffet’.

48.62.14 Explain the meaning of ‘high speed buffet’.

48.62.16 Explain the meaning of ‘buffet margin’.

48.62.18 Define the term ‘coffin corner’.

48.62.20 Explain the ‘coffin corner’ recovery considerations.

48.62.22 Describe the influence of the following on the buffet margin:

(a) pressure altitude

(b) aeroplane weight

(c) load factor

48.62.24 Explain the purpose of step climbs used on long distance flights.

48.62.26 Explain the factors which affect the choice of optimum altitude.

48.62.28 Explain the factors which may limit the maximum operating altitude.

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