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ATPL » Advanced Aerodynamics … » Performance Factors – Take-off

48.60 Performance factors – take-off

48.60.2 Explain the meaning of the following:

(a) runway

(b) the 'slope' of a runway

(c) stopway

(d) clearway

(e) takeoff run (TOR)

(f) takeoff run available (TORA)

(g) takeoff run required (TORR)

(h) takeoff distance (TOD)

(i) takeoff distance available (TODA)

(j) takeoff distance required (TODR)

(k) accelerate stop distance (ASD)

(l) accelerate stop distance available (ASDA)

(m) accelerate stop distance required (ASDR)

(n) the 'screen height' on takeoff

(o) reduced thrust

(p) balanced field length (BFL)

(q) balanced takeoff

48.60.4 Explain the meaning of the following:

(a) VEF

(b) V1

(c) VMCG

(d) VMCA

(e) VR

(f) VMU

(g) VLOF

(h) VMBE

(i) V2

48.60.6 Explain the factors affecting V1.

48.60.8 Explain the factors affecting V2.

48.60.10 State the relationship between:

(a) VEF and V1

(b) V1 and VR

(c) V1 and VMCG

(d) V1 and VMBE

(e) VR and VMCA

(f) V2 and VS

(g) VS and VMCA

(h) V2 and VMCA

48.60.12 Describe a rejected take-off (RTO).

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