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36.6 Abbreviations


State the meaning of the following abbreviations:


(a) ACARS; (AIP GEN 2.2)

Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System

(pronounced “AY-CARS”)



(b) ACAS; (CAR Part 1) (AIP GEN 2.2)

Airborne Collision Avoidance System

(pronounced “AY-CASS”)



(c) AD; (CAR Part 1) (AIP GEN 2.2)

Airworthiness Directive



(d) ADF; (CAR Part 1) (AIP GEN 2.2)

Automatic Direction-Finding equipment or Automatic Direction-Finder



(e) AEDRS; (CAR Part 1)

Automatic Engine Data Recording System



(f) AGL; (CAR Part 1) (AIP GEN 2.2)

Above Ground Level



(g) AMSL; (CAR Part 1) (AIP GEN 2.2)

Above Mean Sea Level



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