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36.70 Altimetry


36.70.2 State the altimeter setting procedures required when operating in the Auckland Oceanic FIR. AIP ENR



2.1 Altimeter Setting Procedures — Auckland Oceanic FIR

2.1.1 The pilot of an aircraft flying within the Auckland Oceanic FIR must maintain vertical position by reference to the standard pressure value of 1013.2 hPa, except that:

  • (a) Within the Rarotonga, Samoa, Tonga and Norfolk Island Area QNH Zones vertical position must be maintained by reference to the Zone QNH. The pilot of an aircraft landing and taking off must use the appropriate aerodrome QNH.
  • (b) Where the aerodrome or heliport of destination or departure is not within an Area QNH Zone (e.g. at the Chatham Islands), aircraft should use the appropriate aerodrome QNH value when at or below 3000 ft within 10 NM of the shoreline of the landmass on which the destination or departure aerodrome or heliport is situated.

2.1.2 Aircraft entering the New Zealand FIR are required to remain on 1013.2 hPa to the FIR boundary and then comply with the altimeter setting procedures detailed below.

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