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ATPL » Air Law – Aeroplane » Carriage of Dangerous Goods

36.36 Carriage of Dangerous Goods


36.36.2 Describe the limitation of CAR Part 92 with respect to members of the Police.

92.11 Exceptions

(a) A member of the Police may carry dangerous goods in an aircraft in the course of that person’s duties without complying with this Part if the aircraft is performing an operation solely for Police purposes.



36.36.4 Describe the allowance for the carriage of dangerous good for the recreational use of passengers. CAR 92

92.11 Exceptions

(c) A person may offer or accept dangerous goods for carriage by air that are for the recreational use of a passenger without complying with this Part if—

  • (1) the dangerous goods are carried in an unpressurised aircraft that—
    • (i) has a MCTOW of 5700 kg or less; and
    • (ii) is on a domestic VFR flight; and
  • (2) the dangerous goods are not listed in the Dangerous Goods List in the Technical Instructions as being forbidden for carriage by air in an aircraft that carries passengers; and
  • (3) safety and emergency procedures for the carriage of the dangerous goods are established; and
  • (4) each item of dangerous goods is identified; and
  • (5) the pilot-in-command is informed of the hazardous nature of the goods; and
  • (6) the dangerous goods are—
    • (i) in a proper condition for carriage by air; and
    • (ii) segregated if they are likely to react dangerously together; and
    • iii) stowed, secured, and, if necessary, packed, to prevent leakage or damage in flight; and
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