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36.72 Cruising Levels


36.72.2 State the altitude/flight level requirements when cruising IFR within the Auckland Oceanic FIR. AIP ENR



4.1 Auckland Oceanic FIR

4.1.1 Unless otherwise authorised by ATC during flight within Class A airspace, aircraft must be flown in the Auckland Oceanic FIR at a cruising level appropriate to their track selected from Table ENR 1.7-1: Auckland Oceanic FIR Table of Cruising Levels.

4.1.2 Within Class A airspace, pilots requesting levels which are not in accordance with that table must prefix the required level with “... NON STANDARD ...”.




36.72.4 State the altitude/flight level requirements when cruising IFR within the New Zealand FIR. CAR 91 & AIP ENR

91.425 IFR cruising altitude or flight level 

(a) A pilot-in-command of an aircraft within the New Zealand FIR operating under IFR in level cruising flight must, unless otherwise authorised by an ATC unit for flights in controlled airspace, maintain the following altitude or flight levels:

  • (1) when operating at or below 13,000 feet AMSL and—
    • (i) on a magnetic track of 270° clockwise to 089°, any odd thousand foot altitude AMSL; or
    • (ii) on a magnetic track of 090° clockwise to 269°, any even thousand foot altitude AMSL:
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