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ATPL » Air Law – Aeroplane » General Operating Requirements

37.30 General Operating Requirements


37.30.2 Describe the requirements of passengers to comply with instructions and commands. CAR 91

91.5 Compliance with crew instructions and commands

A passenger shall comply with any commands given to them by the pilot-in-command pursuant to 91.203.



37.30.4 Explain the requirements for maintaining daily flight records. CAR 91

91.112 Daily flight records

(a) Except as provided in paragraph (c), an operator of an aircraft must keep accurate daily flight records that contain for each flight the following—

  • (1) the name of the operator:
  • (2) the name of the pilot-in-command:
  • (3) the names of other crew members:
  • (4) the registration markings of the aircraft:
  • (5) the date of the flight:
  • (6) the purpose of the flight:
  • (7) the time of commencement of the flight:
  • (8) the name of the departure aerodrome:
  • (9) the flight time.

(b) An operator must retain each daily flight record for a period of 12 months after the date of the flight.

(c) A person required to keep daily flight records under rules 115.455 or 135.857 is not required to comply with paragraphs (a) and (b).



36.30.6 Explain the requirements for the carriage of flight attendants. CAR 91

91.115 Flight attendant requirements 

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