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ATPL » Air Law – Helicopter » Aerodrome Marking

37.76.12 Interpret runway, taxiway, apron and stand signs and markings.

Advisory Circular AC139-6

Aerodrome Design Requirements:

  • All Aeroplanes Conducting Air Transport Operations

  • All Aeroplanes above 5700 kg MCTOW



5.2 Markings


5.2.5 Runway markings must be white.

5.2.6 Taxiway markings and aircraft stand markings must be yellow.


Runway designation marking 


5.2.9 A runway designation marking should be provided:

  • at the thresholds of a paved runway
  • as far as practicable at the thresholds of an unpaved runway.


5.2.10 Runway numbers should be located at a threshold when viewed from the direction of approach and located in accordance with Figure 5-1. For an unpaved runway where it is difficult to mark the runway surface, options include using a marker board (or similar) including the runway designator, or a concrete pad with the designator or concrete numbers embedded in the grass runway before or adjacent to the threshold.






5.2.11 Runway numbers should consist of two digits and should be a whole number nearest to one tenth of the magnetic bearing of the centre line of the runway when viewed from the direction of approach.

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