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Aerodrome Signs & Charts



Note: Signs should be either fixed message signs or variable message signs.


5.4.1 Signs must be provided to convey a mandatory instruction, information on a specific location or destination on a movement area or to provide other information to meet the requirements of a surface movement guidance and control system.


5.4.3 Signs should be frangible. Those located near a runway or taxiway should be sufficiently low to preserve clearance for propellers and the engine pods of jet aircraft. The installed height of the sign should not exceed the dimension shown in the appropriate column of Table 5-4.





5.4.4 Signs should be rectangular, as shown in Figures 5-28 and 5-29 with the longer side horizontal.





5.4.5 The only signs on the movement area utilizing red should be mandatory instruction signs.


5.4.8 A variable message sign should show a blank face when not in use, and in case of failure, should not provide information that could lead to unsafe action from a pilot or a vehicle driver.

5.4.9 The time interval to change from one message to another on a variable message sign should be as short as practicable and should not exceed 5 seconds.

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