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ATPL » Air Law – Helicopter » Alternate Requirements

37.52 Alternate Requirements

37.52.2 State the meteorological minima at destination which would require an alternate to be nominated. CAR 91

91.405 IFR alternate aerodrome requirement

(a) A pilot-in-command of an aircraft operating under IFR must list at least 1 alternate aerodrome in the flight plan unless—

  • (1) the aerodrome of intended landing has a standard instrument approach procedure published in the applicable AIP; and
  • (2) at the time of submitting the flight plan, the meteorological forecasts indicate, for at least 1 hour before and 1 hour after the estimated time of arrival at the aerodrome of intended landing, that—
    • (i) the ceiling at the aerodrome will be at least 1000 feet above the minimum published in the applicable AIP for the instrument procedure likely to be used; and
    • (ii) visibility will be at least 5 km, or 2 km more than the minimum published in the applicable AIP, whichever is the greater.


37.52.4 State the meteorological minima at departure which would require a CAR Part 135 IFR operation to nominate a departure alternate. CAR 135

135.161 IFR departure limitations

Each person performing an air transport operation shall ensure an IFR flight from an aerodrome is not commenced when meteorological conditions are at or above take-off minima requirements prescribed under 91.413 (Take-off and landing under IFR), and are below authorised IFR landing minima requirements prescribed under 91.413, unless there is an appropriate aerodrome—

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