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ATPL » Air Law – Helicopter » Emergencies: Responsibilities of Operators and Pilots

Emergencies Incidents and Accidents

37.80 Responsibilities of Operators and Pilots


37.80.2 State the requirement for the notification of incidents. CAR 12

12.55 Notification of incident

(a) A holder of a certificate issued by the Director under the Act and the following Parts must notify the Authority as soon as practicable of any associated incident if the certificate holder is involved in the incident and the incident is a serious incident or is an immediate hazard to the safety of an aircraft operation:

  • (1) aircraft incident, or dangerous goods incident:
  • (2) airspace incident:
  • (3) facility malfunction incident:
  • (4) defect incident:
  • (5) security incident:
  • (6) aerodrome incident:
  • (7) promulgated information incident:
  • (8) cargo security incident.

(b) A person who is involved in an incident that is a serious incident or an immediate hazard to the safety of an aircraft operation must notify the Authority of the incident as soon as practicable if the person—

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