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37.56 Flight Plans

37.56.2 State the CAR Part 135 requirements for the filing of a flight plan.

135.57 Flight preparation and flight planning

(a) The holder of an air operator certificate must ensure that for each air operation conducted under the authority of that certificate, appropriate information is available to the pilot-in-command to complete the preparation for the intended operation.

(b) The holder of an air operator certificate must ensure that prior to each—

  • (1) air transport operation; and
  • (2) commercial transport operation where passengers or goods are carried from or to a remote aerodrome, conducted under the authority of that certificate, a flight plan meeting the requirements of 91.307(c) or 91.407 as appropriate for the type of operation is prepared, and if the flight plan is not prepared by the pilot-in-command, the pilot-in-command is informed of the contents of the flight plan before the intended operation.

(c) A VFR flight plan prepared under paragraph (b) in accordance with the requirements of 91.307(c) may incorporate multiple route segments provided that the SARTIME is amended for the next aerodrome of intended landing as the flight proceeds.

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