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37.50 Flight Preparation

37.50.2 Explain the requirements for the obtaining and considering relevant information prior to flight. CAR 91

91.217 Preflight action

Before commencing a flight, a pilot-in-command of an aircraft must obtain and become familiar with all information concerning that flight including—

  • (1) where practicable, the current meteorological information; and
  • (2) the fuel requirements; and
  • (3) the alternatives available if the planned flight cannot be completed; and
  • (4) any known or likely traffic delays that have been notified by ATS; and
  • (5) the status of the communication and navigation facilities intended to be used; and
  • (6) the current conditions of the aerodrome and runway lengths at aerodromes of intended use; and
  • (7) any take-off and landing distance data contained in the aircraft flight manual; and
  • (8) in the case of aircraft powered by two or more engines—
    • (i) engine inoperative procedures; and
    • (ii) one engine inoperative performance data.
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