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ATPL » Air Law – Helicopter » Fuel Requirements

37.54 Fuel Requirements

37.54.2 State the fuel reserve required for a VFR flight in a helicopter. CAR 91

91.305 Fuel requirements for flight under VFR

(b) A pilot-in-command of a helicopter must not begin a flight under VFR unless, in the forecast weather conditions, the helicopter has enough fuel to fly to the first point of intended landing at the planned cruising speed, and to fly after that point of intended landing for at least —

  • (1) a further 20 minutes; or
  • (2) for flights of less than 20 minutes duration, for a further period equal to the anticipated flight time; or
  • (3) for a helicopter that has a special category—limited airworthiness certificate or a special category—exhibition airworthiness certificate, the flying time specified for the VFR minimum fuel reserve in the operator statement required under rule 47.55(c).
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