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ATPL » Air Law – Helicopter » Helicopter External Load Operations

37.38 Helicopter External Load Operations

37.38.2 State the definition of:

(a) helicopter external load operation;


  • (1) a helicopter external load towing operation; or
  • (2) a helicopter sling load operation; or
  • (3) a helicopter winching operation; or
  • (4) a helicopter rappelling operation:


(b) helicopter external load towing operation;

means the towing, lowering, and laying down of external cargo, that remains in contact with the ground during the operation, by a helicopter:


(c) helicopter sling load operation; and,

means the external carriage, lowering, or picking up, of a load, cargo, or passengers by a helicopter by means of a bucket, net, harness, sling, or stretcher, suspended beneath the helicopter:


(d) OGE. CAR 133

means out of ground effect.



37.38.4 State the pilot licence requirements for performing a helicopter external load operation. CAR 133

133.5 Pilot licence requirements

(a) A pilot-in-command performing a helicopter external load operation must hold—

  • (1) a current commercial pilot licence (helicopter); or
  • (2) a current private pilot licence (helicopter), if a flight instructor (helicopter) has certified in the pilot’s logbook that the pilot has satisfactorily completed the flight training required by rule 61.153 for the carriage of sling loads.
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