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CPL » Air Law (A) & (H) » Emergencies; Responsibilities of Operators and Pilots

16.80 Responsibilities of Pilots

16.80.2 State the requirement for the notification of accidents. CAR 12

12.51 Notification of accident

(a) Each pilot-in-command of an aircraft that is involved in an accident or, if that person is fatally or seriously injured, or if the aircraft is missing, the operator, shall notify the Authority of the accident as soon as practicable.

(b) The notification under paragraph (a) shall be in a manner acceptable to the Authority and contain, where ascertainable, the—

  • (1) date and time of the accident; and
  • (2) nature of the accident; and
  • (3) type, nationality, and registration marks of the aircraft; and
  • (4) names of the aircraft owner and operator; and
  • (5) position or last known position of the aircraft with reference to an easily defined geographical point; and
  • (6) name of the pilot-in-command of the aircraft; and
  • (7) type of operation; and
  • (8) last point of departure of the aircraft; and
  • (9) next point of intended landing of the aircraft; and
  • (10) description of the sky condition, precipitation, wind velocity, and visibility; and
  • (11) number of persons on board the aircraft; and
  • (12) number of crew and passengers killed or seriously injured as a result of the accident; and
  • (13) number of persons killed or seriously injured as a result of the accident that were not crew or passengers; and
  • (14) details of damage to the aircraft.
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