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16.26 Equipment

16.26.2 State the equipment requirements for a night VFR flight. CAR 91

91.221 Flying equipment and operating information

(a) A pilot-in-command of an aircraft must ensure that the following equipment and information, in current and appropriate form, is accessible to every flight crew member of the aircraft: 

  • (1) an accurate means of indicating the time:
  • (2) appropriate aeronautical charts:
  • (3) for IFR operations, every appropriate navigational en route, terminal area, approach, and instrument approach and departure chart:
  • (4) for night operations, an operable electric torch for every flight crew member.

(b) In addition to paragraph (a), a pilot-in-command of an aircraft in excess of 5700 kg MCTOW, or having a certificated seating capacity of 10 passenger seats or more, must ensure that every flight crew member uses a cockpit checklist covering the normal and emergency procedures for the operation of the aircraft in accordance with the aircraft flight manual.

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