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16.30 General Operating Requirements

16.30.2 Describe the requirements of passengers to comply with instructions and commands. CAR 91

16.30.4 Explain the requirements for maintaining daily flight records. CAR 91

16.30.6 Explain the requirements for the carriage of flight attendants. CAR 91 

16.30.8 State the requirements for operating an aircraft in simulated instrument flight. CAR 91

16.30.10 State the requirements of a pilot-in-command with respect to the safe operation of an aircraft. CAR 91

16.30.12 Describe the authority of the pilot-in-command. CAR 91

16.30.14 State the requirements for crew occupation of seats and wearing safety belts. CAR 91

16.30.16 State the requirements for the occupation of seats and wearing of restraints. CAR 91

16.30.18 State the requirements for the use of oxygen equipment. CAR 91

16.30.20 State the requirements for briefing passengers prior to flight. CAR 91

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