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CPL » Human Factors » Information Processing

34.44 Information Processing

34.44.2 Identify the human sensors pilots depend on for information acquisition.

34.44.4 Describe the brain’s role in registering sensations, processing sensory information, storing information and controlling actions.

34.44.6 Describe a basic model of information processing, including the concepts of:

(a) attention

(b) divided attention

(c) selective attention

(d) attention getting stimulus

(e) sensory threshold

(f) sensitivity

(g) adaptation

(h) habitation.

34.44.8 Describe the following types of memory:

(a) peripheral/sensory memory

(b) short term/working memory

(c) long term memory

(d) motor/skills memory

(e) semantic memory

(f) episodic memory.


34.44.10 Describe the limitations of memory.


34.44.12 Explain the following methods of retaining and retrieving information from memory:

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