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Define a waypoint (WPT).

Waypoints are enroute positions, indicating a change in track direction, or a point along the route.  

Usually associated with GPS or GNSS Navigation.

Position Reference Methods:

Place Name

We can use a place name, or marked reporting point on your map to give our position while overhead “overhead Plimmerton 1500 feet, tracking north” always include height and intentions when making a position report. 

Bearing and Distance

When we are not directly overhead a marked point we can use bearing and distance from that point to make a radio position report. 

“2 miles south of Wairoa River Mouth, 1500 ft, tracking north”.

Position Reference Methods:

latitude and longitude

We can also give our position in latitude and longitude. 

This is rarely done in the domestic flight region, but is used by Airways Corp to determine specific points, and for aerodrome locations.

Position Reference Methods:

earth based navigation aids. 

Plot and reference a position (± 0.5 of a minute) on a current published New Zealand Aeronautical Chart.

Locate a position on a chart from an NDB given magnetic direction to and distance from.


  • Aircraft heading is 180°M
  • ADF reading is 080°R
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