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(a) drift, drift angle, drift correction;

(b) track error, closing angle, total correction;

(c) magnetic and true bearing;

(d) radial;

(e) position line; (f) fix.

Through the use of the navigation computer and mathematical means, solve problems involving:

(a) the triangle of velocity;

(b) the 1 in 60 rule;

(c) time/speed/distance;

(d) time/fuel used/fuel consumption rate;

(e) height/time/distance/rate of climb/rate of descent;

(f) calculate the track miles flown on a segment of a DME arc.

Interpret meteorological information for IFR take-off minima.

Based on information derived from currently used ADF, VOR and DME displays, and from GNSS instrumentation, describe, determine or calculate:

(a) navigation aspects associated with published departure procedures;

(b) magnetic headings required to maintain, or regain, required magnetic tracks;

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