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52.78 Aerodrome Lighting

52.78.2 Describe the lighting intensity classifications.

Aerodrome Lighting -

Light intensity classification

Permanently installed runway lighting will be classified according to the available light intensity as either:

  • Light Intensity High (LIH),
  • Light Intensity Medium (LIM) or
  • Light Intensity Low (LIL).

This intensity classification appears in the lighting box on the landing chart in AIPNZ.

On precision approach runways high intensity lighting is normally provided with five stages of intensity control. Other runways are normally provided with two stage intensity lighting.

The initial intensity setting is selected by ATS to suit prevailing visibility requirements. Pilots may request alteration of the intensity setting to suit individual requirements.


52.78.4 Describe the following lighting systems:

(A) Runway edge lighting (REDL);

  • Is normally white for the usable portion of the runway.


(B) Runway landing threshold lighting (RTHL);

  • May extend across the full width of the runway or have a clear gap about the central section.
  • This lighting is normally uni-directional green, visible from the approach direction
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