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IFR » IR Air Law » Approach Procedures

52.94 Approach Procedures

52.94.2 Describe the descent limitations from cruise to approach commencement. AIP GEN

4.4 Minimum Initial Approach Altitude

4.4.1 A clearance for an IFR aircraft to carry out an instrument approach:

(a) except where otherwise instructed, authorises the aircraft to descend to the minimum procedure commencement altitude in accordance with:

(i) STAR;

(ii) RNAV arrival;

(iii) Route MSAs including distance steps;

(iv) 25 NM MSA sector altitude chart;

(v) TAA;

(vi) VORSEC chart; and

(b) may include level restrictions applicable prior to approach commencement; and

(c) may include level restrictions associated with circuit integration.


52.94.4 Interpret information on STAR charts.


52.94.6 State the limitation on a clearance to fly a STAR. AIP ENR

AIP ENR 1.5-20

4.2 Standard Arrival Route (STAR)

4.2.10 Clearance for a STAR does not constitute clearance for instrument approach.


52.94.8 Define the minimum initial approach altitude. AIP ENR

AIP ENR 1.5-22

4.4 Minimum Initial Approach Altitude

4.4.2 Except when under radar control, or in accordance with a specific arrival procedure promulgated in AD 2, the minimum initial approach altitude issued to an aircraft that is to carry out an instrument approach must be the higher of:

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