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52.60 Communications

52.60.2 Derive from operational publications, the required radio frequency for communicating with specified ATC units.


52.60.4 State the requirements for making position reports to an ATS unit. CAR 91 & AIP ENR

91.309 Position reports

Each pilot-in-command of an aircraft on a VFR flight shall, when operating in controlled airspace, report the position of the aircraft to ATC at the times or reporting points required by ATC.


AIP ENR 1.1-5


5.1 General 

5.1.1 The pilot of an aircraft flying in accordance with IFR must comply with the position reporting procedures detailed in the following paragraphs.

5.1.2 After any frequency change, when no position report is required in accordance with the following procedures, pilots must advise callsign and cruise level, or callsign and level climbing/descending to.

5.1.3 Except when aircraft are maintaining an ATC required speed, any variation of average true airspeed, between reporting points, of plus or minus five percent must be notified to ATC as soon as possible.

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