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52.14 Competency, Currency and Recency

52.14.2 State the currency requirements of a pilot who is the holder of an instrument rating CAR 61.

(A) Except as provided in paragraph (B), the holder of an instrument rating must not exercise the privileges of the rating unless the holder has,—

(1) within the immediately preceding 12 months,—

  • successfully demonstrated to a flight examiner competency in accordance with rule 61.801(a)(6) for the appropriate category of aircraft; and
  • the person who conducts the competency demonstration certifies the successful completion of the check in the pilot’s logbook in accordance with rule 61.29.; and

(2) within the immediately preceding 3 months,—

  • either met the requirements of paragraph (A)(1) or completed at least 3 hours instrument time (which must have included at least 1 hour instrument flight time); and
  • carried out at least 3 published instrument approach procedures (1 of which may be performed in an approved synthetic flight trainer); and

 (3) if acting as a pilot of a non-centreline-thrust multi-engine aircraft under IFR, demonstrated the competency required in paragraph (A)(1) in a non-centreline-thrust multi-engine aircraft; and

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