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52.90 Departure Procedures

52.90.2 Interpret information on SID and Departure Procedure charts.


52.90.4 Determine the IFR takeoff minima for a departure off a given runway. AIP ENR


52.90.6 State the IFR takeoff minima if it is not prescribed in the AIPNZ VOL 2 & 3. AIP ENR

AIP ENR 1.5-11

2.3 Take-off Minima 

2.3.1 CAR Part 91, in conjunction with CAR Part 19, prohibits the pilot of an aircraft from taking-off from an aerodrome under IFR unless weather conditions are:

(a) at or above the weather minima for IFR take-off detailed in the Operational Data chart for that aerodrome in AD 2: or

(b) if weather minima for IFR take-off are not detailed in AD 2 for a particular aerodrome, a ceiling of at least 300 ft and above 1500 m visibility.


52.90.8 State the CAR Part 91 requirements and limitations of IFR reduced takeoff minima. CAR 91 & AIP ENR

AIP ENR 1.5-11

2.4 Reduced Take-off Minima 

2.4.1 Notwithstanding the previous paragraph, CAR 91.413 (g) provides that the pilot of an aircraft may take-off under IFR at an aerodrome at a take-off minima of zero cloud ceiling and visibility at or above 800 m provided that:

(a) the runway to be used has centreline marking or centreline lighting; and

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