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52.26 Equipment

52.26.2 State the equipment requirements for an IFR flight. CAR 91

Each powered aircraft issued with an airworthiness certificate and operating under IFR, shall be equipped with the means of indicating—

  • aircraft attitude, by gyroscopic or inertial means; and
  • magnetic heading, by gyroscopic or inertial means; and
  • that the power supply to any gyroscopic instruments is adequate; and
  • sensitive pressure altitude, in feet, adjustable for barometric pressure in hectoPascals or millibars; and
  • outside air temperature; and
  • time in hours, minutes, and seconds; and
  • airspeed in knots, with a means of preventing malfunctioning due to either condensation or icing; and
  • rate of climb and descent.


52.26.4 State the requirements for indicating the time in flight. CAR 91

  • time in hours, minutes, and seconds


52.26.6 State the requirements for night flight. CAR 91

(A) A pilot of an aircraft must not—

(1) operate an aircraft at night unless it has lighted position lights; or

(2) moor or move an aircraft at night on a water aerodrome unless the aircraft complies with the lighting requirement of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea; or

(3) operate an aircraft at night that is required by Subpart F to be equipped with an anti-collision light system unless the anti-collision light system is operating.

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