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IFR » IR Air Law » General Operating Requirements

52.30 General Operating Requirements

52.30.2 State the requirements for operating an aircraft in simulated instrument flight. CAR 91

(A) Except as provided in paragraph (B), no person may operate an aircraft in simulated instrument flight unless—

(1) the aircraft has two pilot stations and one pilot station is occupied by a safety pilot who is the holder of a current pilot licence; and

(2) the safety pilot has—

  • adequate vision forward and to each side of the aircraft; or
  • a competent observer to adequately supplement the vision of the safety pilot; and

(3) the aircraft is equipped with—

  • fully functioning dual controls; or
  • pitch, roll, yaw, and engine power controls that can be operated from either pilot station.


(B) A person may operate an aircraft in simulated instrument flight that does not comply with paragraph (A)(3) if—

(1) the simulated flight is performed outside controlled airspace; and

(2) the means of simulating instrument flight can be removed rapidly by the pilot-in-command


52.30.4 State the requirements for carrying appropriate aeronautical publications and charts in flight. CAR 91

(A) A pilot-in-command of an aircraft must ensure that the following equipment and information, in current and appropriate form, is accessible to every flight crew member of the aircraft:

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