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52.92 Holding Procedures

52.92.2 State the maximum speed in enroute holding patterns. AIP ENR

52.92.4 State the maximum entry and holding pattern speeds. AIP ENR

AIP ENR 1.5-13

3.3 Holding Pattern Criteria 

3.3.1 Unless otherwise specified, holding procedures are based on the following criteria: 

Indicated Airspeed

3.3.2 Holding patterns must be entered and flown at or below the indicated airspeeds in Tables ENR 1.5-2 and ENR 1.5-3.



3.3.3 Notwithstanding the previous paragraph:

(a) Where the holding pattern speed for a particular instrument approach differs from that listed in Table ENR 1.5-2 or Table ENR 1.5-3, it will be clearly annotated on the chart.

(b) Subject to ATC clearance, the speed of 280 kt will be available for all enroute holding patterns, and approach holding patterns when under radar control. The ATC clearance may include a requirement for an increase in minimum holding altitude.

(c) Aircraft unable to comply with the speed restrictions listed in Table ENR 1.5-2 or Table ENR 1.5-3 are to advise ATC and request clearance for holding at an acceptable speed. This may result in an ATC requirement for an increase in the minimum holding altitude.


52.92.6 Identify and describe appropriate holding pattern entry procedures. AIP ENR

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