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52.66 Radar Services

52.66.2 Describe the radar services available to IFR flights. AIP ENR

AIP ENR 1.6-14

5.4 Radar Services to IFR Flights 

5.4.1 Radar Control and Radar Flight Information Services, as appropriate, are provided to IFR flights within radar coverage in Class A, C, and D airspace.

5.4.2 A radar FIS service is provided to IFR flights in Class G airspace within radar coverage.


52.66.4 Describe the responsibility of the radar controller to keep an aircraft within controlled airspace. AIP ENR

AIP ENR 1.6-14

5.7 Radar Vectoring

5.7.5 When an IFR aircraft is being vectored, the radar controller is responsible for provision of adequate terrain clearance, and ensuring the aircraft remains within controlled airspace except in an emergency.


52.66.6 State the accuracy limits required when under radar speed control. AIP ENR

AIP ENR 1.6-16

5.9 Speed Requirements Under Radar Control 

5.9.2 When speed control is required, it will be applied in a positive manner whereby the controller will allocate a specific speed, a maximum speed, or a minimum speed to be flown. Speed should be maintained to within 10 kt of the speed required by ATC.


52.66.8 State the distance from touchdown that radar speed control can be maintained on an instrument and a visual approach. AIP ENR

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