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52.65 Weather Avoidance

52.65.2 State the requirements for deviation off track for weather avoidance. AIP ENR

AIP ENR 1.8-7


2.1 General

2.1.1 The following procedures apply to both subsonic and supersonic aircraft and are intended as guidance only. The procedures provide for an inability to maintain assigned level or track because of:

(a) problems associated with high-level supersonic flight;

(b) aircraft performance; and/or

(c) weather.

2.1.2 The procedures are primarily applicable when rapid descent and/or turn-back or diversion to an alternate airport is required. The pilot’s judgment will determine the sequence of actions to be taken in specific circumstances.

2.1.3 If an aircraft is unable to continue flight in accordance with its air traffic control clearance, a revised clearance must, if possible, be obtained prior to initiating any action, using the radiotelephony distress or urgency signal as appropriate.

2.2 Actions to be Taken if a Revised ATC Clearance Cannot be Obtained

2.2.1 If prior clearance cannot be obtained, the pilot must:

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