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Task: Air Traffic Service procedure


To determine that the candidate; 

(a) Obtains information from ATIS when appropriate (if available).

(b) Obtains taxiing, take-off and landing clearances and otherwise complies with ATS instructions when appropriate.

(c) Reads back appropriate instructions, information and clearances.

(d) Uses correct aeronautical phraseology at all times with appropriate assertiveness.

(e) Correctly sets QNH.


The examiner/instructor will; 

(a) Observe and monitor the candidate’s receipt and copying of ATIS information.

(b) Observe and monitor compliance with ATS taxi, take-off and landing clearances and other instructions.

(c) Monitor the candidate’s read back of instructions, information and clearances.

(d) Monitor all transmissions made by the candidate for the appropriate level of assertiveness, and correctness.

(e) Observe the candidate’s altimeter setting and checking procedure and if applicable question the procedure to be adopted at unattended aerodromes.