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Task: Emergency equipment


To determine that the candidate; 

(a) Supervises the passenger(s)

(b) Briefs the passenger(s);

  1. On the location and operation of the aircraft’s emergency equipment
  2. On the operation of all doors and hatches
  3. On the use and operation of seat belts and shoulder harness (if applicable)
  4. On the location and operation of the ELT or PLB.
  5. On the rules regarding smoking
  6. On the action in the event of an emergency landing and where appropriate in the event of ditching.


The examiner/instructor will act in the role of an inexperienced passenger and; 

(a) Observe the candidate’s performance to determine that it meets the objectives.

(b) Determine the candidate’s knowledge of the use of the aircraft emergency equipment by further questioning, as necessary.