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Instructor » Flight Test Standards Gyroplane » Forced landing without power


Task: Forced landing without power


To determine that the candidate; 

(a) Is aware of the factors affecting the choice of the best available landing area for a forced landing without power.

(b) Exhibits adequate knowledge of the recommended procedures, including the initial actions, to be used in the event of engine failure (above 1000′).

(c) Maintains control of the aircraft during all phases of the simulated emergency (critical element).

(d) Maintains airspeed within ± 5 knots of the nominated glide speed.

(e) Plans and follows a flight pattern to the selected landing area, considering altitude, wind, terrain, obstructions and other relevant factors so as to achieve the 1/3 aim point at 500′ AGL (critical element).

(f) Attempts to determine the reason for the simulated malfunction by following an appropriate emergency checklist.

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