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Instructor » Flight Test Standards Gyroplane » Low flying in simulated poor visibility


Task: Low flying in simulated poor visibility


To determine that the candidate; 

(a) Enters the low flying area (if applicable) in accordance with recommended procedures.

(b) Adopts the recommended poor visibility configuration when confronted with simulated poor visibility conditions.

(c) Maintains altitude ± 100′ and airspeed ± 5 knots whilst manoeuvring in the poor visibility configuration.

(d) Limits the bank angle whilst turning in the poor visibility configuration to a maximum of 45°.

(e) Is capable of carrying out a coastal reversal turn and/or weather avoidance and/or restricted terrain type turn in accordance with the recommended procedure.


The examiner/instructor will; 

(a) Simulate conditions that would make adoption of the poor visibility configuration advisable.

(b) Place emphasis on the candidate’s altitude, airspeed and angle of bank control throughout all manoeuvres.

(c) Simulate conditions that would require execution of a coastal reversal and/or weather avoidance and/or restricted terrain type turn.

(d) Observe the candidate’s performance and determine that it meets the objectives.