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Task: Weather, NZAIP and supplements


To determine that the candidate;

(a) Exhibits adequate knowledge of aviation weather and flight planning data by obtaining, reading and analysing;

  1. Aviation weather including ARFOR’s, TAF’s and METAR’s with associated SPECI’s and SIGMET’s
  2. NOTAM’s

(b) Exhibits knowledge of the AIP Volume 4 and VNC contents and use.

(c) Makes a sound go/no-go decision based on the available weather and flight planning data.


The examiner/instructor will;

(a) Determine that the candidate has obtained all relevant weather and flight planning data relating to the flight or hypothetical cross country flight.

(b) Require the candidate to analyse and explain the weather and relevant flight planning data, and determine that the candidate’s performance meets the objective.

(c) Place emphasis on the candidate’s ability to use and interpret the AIP Volume 4 and VNC.

(d) Place emphasis on the candidate’s ability to interpret the weather and NOTAMs and to make a sound go/no go decision.