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General Knowledge

  1. CAA rules, RAANZ procedures Manual
  2. Aircraft Documents and logbooks
  3. Aeronautical charts, AIP and Vol 4
  4. Airspace
  5. Radio and Transponder use
  6. NOTAMs and weather briefings
  7. Flight Plans and SARTIME requirements
  8. Aircraft loading (MAUW and CofG)


Piloting Technique

  1. Preflight inspection and fuelling
  2. Aircraft ground handling
  3. Cockpit checks
  4. Engine and throttle handling
  5. Climb-out and approach
  6. Medium turns and steep turns
  7. Circuit and overshoot
  8. Engine failure, emergency drills
  9. Landing – normal, crosswind, short
  10. Forced landing – glide approach
  11. Traffic awareness and lookout
  12. Airmanship
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