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Syllabus Summary


Preparation for flight and action after


Basic Concepts

  • Taxiing
  • Effect of Controls
  • Straight and Level
  • Climbing and Descending
  • Turns - Medium, C & D
  • Slow Flight


Circuits Training

  • Circuit Intro
  • Circuit Considerations
  • Engine Failure after Takeoff
  • Crosswind Circuits
  • Glide Approach
  • Vacating & Joining
  • Radio Failure


Advanced Manoeuvres

  • Steep Turns
  • Maximum Rate Turns

  • Short-Field Takeoff & Landing
  • Low Flying Intro
  • Low Flying Consolidation
  • Precautionary Landing
  • Terrain & Weather Awareness
  • Basic Mountain Flying


Instrument Flying

  • Compass Use

  • IF - Intro

  • IF - Limited Panel

  • IF - Unusual Attitudes


Preparation for flight and action after

Personal preparation

  • Be Fit and enthusiastic
  • Ensure Logbook records are neat and complete in all respects
  • Be able to Demonstrate a sound knowledge of the privileges, limitations and currency requirements of the applicable certificate


Aircraft documents

  • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the aircraft’s documents
  • Demonstrate a sound knowledge of the aircraft’s limitations


Weather, NZAIP and supplements

  • Obtain all Met data appropriate to the proposed or hypothetical flight
  • Obtain, review and demonstrate a thorough understanding of the relevance of NOTAM’s to the proposed or hypothetical flight
  • Demonstrate ability to analyse ARFOR’s, TAF, METAR and SPECI, SIGMET if applicable
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the contents and use of the AIP Volume 4 and VNC
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of flight planning data and be able to make a sound go/no-go decision
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