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Instructor Familiarisation 


To familarise the trainee instructor with operation of the aircraft in the instructional role.




  • Teaching by example
  • Responsibility for student's safety
  • Responsibilities are similar to a professional pilot, therefore similar attitudes are required.


Flying the Aircraft from the 2nd Pilot Position

  • Unusual perception of horizon
  • Restricted vision
  • Restricted range of control movement
  • Unfamiliar seating position
  • Unfamiliar control positions
  • Student into front seat at earliest possible opportunity, not more than 1 hour in 2nd pilot position


Passing Control from Instructor to Student and Back Again

  • Drills used for ensuring clarity of message in flight
  • Allow student adequate time to correct situation of them self before taking over control
  • Control to be taken back before the possibility of the student's confidence being undermined by the situation
  • Instructor must stay within the certified limits of the aircraft as well as their limits of taking over and correcting


Ensuring Safety in Simulated Emergencies

  • Only simulate system or engine failures
  • When practicing emergency procedures, ensure that a genuine emergency will not endanger the aircraft or its occupants


Use of Airspace as a Part of the Lesson Plan

  • Allowance for wind
  • Allowance for system or engine failure
  • Allowance for airspace restrictions and other aircraft