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Passenger Brief

It is important to use words that will inform, not alarm your passengers.


  • Operation of the door latches from the inside and outside. 


  • “Once inside, please keep your hands clear from all controls and switches at any point during the flight”.


  • Show how to fasten and unfasten the seat belt, and how to tighten and loosen.  

  • Importantly show them how to release the belt. 

  • Confirm their belt is firm once they are seated.


  • How to put on

  • How to clip and unclip the strap

  • Where to put the microphone

  • How to operate the volume

  • When visor can be up or down

  • Keep on at all times unless told by the pilot

Safety Equipment

  • Explain the operation of any fire extinguisher, location of any first aid kit and any axe. 


  • Show the location of the Emergency Locator Beacon which is automatically activated and how to manually activate. 

  • In the unlikely event of an off field landing, search and rescue will be deployed and the ELT/PLB will aid them with their search. 

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