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To be able to trim the gyro in pitch to relieve stick pressures and maintain attitude.


Rotor Head Trim

  • Most gyrocopters have a rotor head trim to relieve the pilot of fore and aft pressures on the control stick.
  • Some gyrocopters also have lateral trim to relieve the pilot of left and right pressures on the control stick.
  • Can be ground adjusted or flight adjustable. 
  • Trim is used to help maintain an attitude, not used to change the attitude.
  • Stops the pilot from becoming tired by continuously holding a pressure on the control stick.
  • Used in steady phases of flight like straight and level, climbing and descending.
  • Works by altering the angle of the rotor head.


There are reasons why you will have to re-trim in flight

  • Changing attitude
  • Changing power


Trimming the Gyro Correctly

Hold the desired nose attitude with pressure on the stick, then

Without looking, place thumb on the trim control and trim to relieve pressures so that the desired attitude is held without you exerting any pressure on the stick.  

If the nose feels heavy and wants to drop, trim aft.

If the nose wants to rise, trim forward.

If the stick force is strong, trim for a few seconds, as the force reduces then trim using short bursts to fine tune.