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To vacate the circuit at either an uncontrolled or controlled aerodrome, in accordance with the various applicable procedures.


1.  Layout of the Aerodrome Traffic Circuit

2.  Vacating the Circuit

Uncontrolled Aerodromes

  • From any of the circuit legs or overhead
  • or maintain runway centreline to 1500 ft AGL

Controlled Aerodromes

  • Can be done from any leg.
  • Always need ATC approval.
  • A clearance to turn in the opposite direction to the published circuit may be given by ATC, or requested by the pilot. 
  • If a non-standard clearance is required, keep a good lookout and request it before takeoff.

3.  Departures

The pilot of an aircraft must make all turns in the direction of the traffic circuit, unless:

  • otherwise instructed by ATC in controlled airspace; or
  • the aircraft is laterally clear of the circuit area or is not less than 1500 ft above the aerodrome level.

4. Radio Calls

Unattended Aerodromes

Controlled Aerodromes


  • Plan ahead
  • Aircraft in the circuit have Right of Way



  • Blind spots
  • Closure rates

Information Processing

  • Mental models


1.  Vacating an aerodrome