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The Briefing

A briefing is by definition a brief description of what is being taught. 

It should have three main attributes.

  1. It must be factually and technically correct.
  2. It should follow a logical sequence.
  3. It must teach someone something.


Remember, briefing or teaching you must cover:

  • What you will learn.
  • Why you are learning it.
  • How you will learn it.


In order to be factually and technically correct, the instructor must have a sound knowledge of the subject and not be simply reciting a prepared speech.


The briefing should build the story step by step in a logical sequence it must also apply the theory to the practical situation.

e.g. Principles of Flight:

  • Turning – We need a force to turn the aircraft.
  • We achieve that force by banking the aircraft (inclining the lift vector).
  • When we incline the lift vector the VCL is reduced so we need to increase lift to maintain height. Etc    
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