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Listen to the ATIS before you call the tower.


Take note of the:

  • letter
  • QNH
  • runway
  • wind


Call for entry when you are 1 or 2 minutes away from the Control Zone boundary.

Do not enter until you have a clearance to enter.


VFR Preferred Arrival Procedures

These are preferred procedures to conduct an orderly and safe flow of traffic during busy periods. 

They are not mandatory.



Examples of Radio Calls

Joining via Mt Maunganui


  • "Tauranga Tower, Cessna 152, ABC"


  • "ABC, Tauranga Tower"


  • "ABC
  • approaching Mt Harbour entrance,
  • 1000 feet,
  • request entry into the zone,
    • for a touch n go on the grass/seal, onwards to Matamata,
    • for a full stop on the grass/seal
  • 2 POB,
  • Juliet 1007"


  • "ABC
  • enter the zone
  • 1500 feet or below
    • join left base grass/seal 07
    • join right base grass/seal 25
    • join righthand downwind grass/seal 25 
    • track seawards of the coast, join right base grass/seal 25"
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