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Appendix II-Instructional Technique Course Syllabus 

Subject 62-The Practice and Theory of Flight Instruction 


It must be stressed that application of the principles and strategies in this syllabus should be applied with the aviation context clearly in mind whatever the training venue i.e. classroom, briefing room, aircraft, simulator, etc. The particular emphasis is not just the 'what' but the 'how' of instructing; the practical reality of tuition, briefing, instruction, and debriefing in the aviation environment. 

This syllabus is for the guidance of course presenters and should form the basis for developing a course. This document is syllabus content and not intended as course content. The syllabus sequence is not intended to dictate course sequence. 

Course concept 

The course, as a prerequisite for Categories D and C initial instructor rating issue flight test consists of 4 days (24 hours class contact time), which may be split into two modules, both conducted within the same 30 day period, and should present the syllabus material assuming no previous teaching/instructing experience exists and seek to provide the candidate with knowledge, attitudes, skills and techniques to aid them in instructing within the aviation environment. 

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