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How to access aviation meteorological information for New Zealand through the MetFlight internet web-site.

Meteorological products and services for civil aviation in New Zealand can only be provided by organisations certificated to do so by the CAA.

The CAA is the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Meteorological Authority in New Zealand, and, as such, has an arrangement for MetService to carry out the operational requirements prescribed in ICAO Annex 3, Meteorological Service for International Air Navigation.

Sources of Met information

Specific aviation Met briefings are available from the following sources:

MetFlight GA

MetFlight GA is the best source of pre‑flight Met information. 

The MetService’s MetFlight GA website provides aviation Met for non-commercial use and is intended primarily for general aviation and flight training organisations.

The information available and the functions provided include:

  • a situation statement (textual),
  • satellite pictures,
  • weather radar,
  • analysis and prognosis charts,
  • cloud and rain forecasts,
  • AAW,
  • GSM,
  • VAA,
  • VAG,
  • TAF,
  • METAR,
  • METAR AUTO and
  • SPECI reports.

IFIS (Internet Flight Information Service) 

IFIS is provided by Airways New Zealand.

This is the online location for obtaining NOTAMs, current ATIS reports for attended aerodromes and filing flight plans.

Weather information is also available including TAF, METAR, SPECI, METAR AUTO, SIGMET, GSM, GNZSIGWX and AAW, and there is a link to MetFlight GA to access additional weather information.

An IFIS app is available for mobile devices.

Met Abbreviations