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GRAFOR - Graphical Aviation Forecast 

A GRAFOR is an area forecast in a graphical layout which replaces the textual ARFOR (Area Forecast), and aims to deliver information about flight conditions at low levels, SFC - FL100 (10,000ft), mainly intended for planning and VFR flying in New Zealand.

GRAFOR's are issued twice daily as a set of 3, covering a total period of 18 hours.  

Issue 1 will be made available at

  • 1100 UTC (2300 NZST) and

show forecasts for

  • 1800 (0600),
  • 0000 (1200), and
  • 0600 UTC (1800 NZST) validity times.

Issue 2 will be made available at

  • 2100 UTC (0900 NZST) and

show forecasts for

  • 0000 (1200),
  • 0600 (1800), and
  • 1200 UTC (2400 NZST) validity times.

Amendments will be issued if there are widespread weather conditions not corresponding to the forecast.  In that case the abbreviation AMD will be added to the chart caption. 

GRAFOR will be available via:

  • MetFlight